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Whether It's Casual Or Formal,
It's Always Fun

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Dear Parents,
We would like to take just a moment, 
in the final days of 2020,
to share our hopes for better times in 2021. This year has been fraught with many problems and concerns. For parents, especially, this has been a very difficult year. Concerns about Covid, confusion about classroom vs. remote schooling, the economic downturn, uncertainty about jobs and businesses simply disappearing and the stress and anxiety that comes with all these problems.

We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones have remained healthy through these difficult times, Fortunately there are vaccines availanly that will bring and end to Covid19 eventually. It does seem that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can believe that 2021 will be a better year.
So we are sending our best wishes for a Healthy,Happy New Year filled with abundant blessings.

Robin & Ed Poska,
Cotillion Directors