The 2019/2020 Schedule
For The Cotillion of Fairfield County

4th Grade from 4:45 - 5:45 pm -- 5th & 6th Grades from 6:00 - 7:00 PM

Classes will be held on the following TUESDAYS
at the Historic Darien Community Association Meadowlands,
274 Middlesex Road, Darien


                                   Sept.24 - Opening Night - How To Make A Great First Impression.

                                                    Eye Contact, Handshakes & Confidence Boosters 
                                                    Social Dance & Games.
                                    Oct.15 -   Preserving Social Skills, Face To Face vs. Facebook
                                                    RealFriends vs. Virtual Friends
                                                    Social Dance & Games.

                                    Oct. 29 - Table Manners Galore
                                                   WhetherYou Are Eating At Mc Donald's Or Dining With The Queen,
                                                   You Will Be Prepared For ALL Dining Occasions.               
                                                   Table Manners Game And Table Manners Challenge. 

                                    Nov.12 - Table Manners Challenge Progress Reports.

                                                   The Importance Of Thank You Notes and The Benefits Of Expressing Gratitude
                                                   SocialDance & Games.

                                   Nov. 19 - Visiting Manners - Be The "Guest With The Best" & The "Host With The Most"
                                                   How To Be The One Who Gets Invited Back.
                                                   Social Dance & Games.

                                    Dec. 10 - Family Holiday Party!!
                                                    Social Dance Instruction & Fun For Everyone!!
                                                    Parents,Grandparents, Brothers & Sisters
                                                    Are Invited & Encouraged To Attend.

                                     Jan. 14 - Netiquette! Put Your Best Cyber Footprint Forward!

                                                    Safe & Appropriate Use Of Technology And Online Communication.
                                                    Social Dance & Games.

                                     Jan.28 - Telephone & Cell Phone Manners.
                                                    Swing Dance Challenge - Casual Attire!!

                                      Feb. 11 - All Fun & GamesPizza Party - Casual Attire!

                                      Feb.25 - Season EndingFamily Party
                                                     Social Dancing & Fun For The Whole Family!
                                                     Parents, Grandparents, Brothers & Sisters
                                                     Are Invited and Encouraged To Attend!!

          *** March 10th - OPTIONAL MULTI-COURSE FORMAL DINNER PARTY - from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm***
TUITION: $290.00 *Optional Formal Dinner Party: $75.00

ATTIRE: WithThe Exception Of The Designated Casual Nights - Jan. 28 & Feb. 11

Attire Is : For Boys - Jacket, Tie, Dress Shirt and Dress Shoes
For Girls - Dress or Skirt and Blouse, and Dress Shoes

If You Would Like More Information

Please email -
Or Call - (203) 831 - 9382