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Whether It's Casual Or Formal,
It's Always Fun

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Dear Parents,
Yes, it is a very different world. I think we are learning that we can never really be sure what is on the other side of the hill. With all of the hope the Covid vaccines bring, and all of the usual hopes that "The new year will bring us better things" It seems that life is becoming more and more complicated every day.

Even as adults it can be difficult to negotiate the day to day problems that arise, most importantly, from the Covid 19 virus itself. The problems extend to the fragile economy, remote vs. classroom learning, working from home, child care and much, much more.

As parents and grandparents we are essentially in charge of sorting all these problems out for our children and grandchildren. At times, not an easy task. It can be very difficult for youngsters to understand why they can't spend in person time with their friends, why they can't engage in sports the way they used to and why they may not be able to visit their grandparents. We think that the answers to the questions, when will this be over? when will we be able to go back to the way it used to be? and others, are far more confusing to children than they are to adults so it's up to us to work extra hard to help them throught these difficult, and yes, sometimes frightening, times.

In our over two decades of providing Cotillion classes  we have learned that today's youngsters are bright, insightful, helpful and much more.
If there is anything you can think of that we can do to be helpful in these difficult times please let us know. We can offer online chats, Q&A sessions and anything you think may be helpful.

Most importantly, we hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy and
getting through these stressful times successfully.

Robin & Ed Poska, Cotillion Directors   
manners@cotillionclasses.com                                    (203) 831 - 9382