Cotillion Enrollment Form
To enroll your child, please print and fill out this form and mail it to:
The Cotillion
25-13 Old Kings Highway North # 253
Darien, CT 06820  
   Name of Student_____________________________ Male______   Female______
        e-mail _______________________________________Telephone________________
   School ___________________________________Grade during Cotillion _______
   Town In Which My Child Will Attend Cotillion Classes______________________

Early registration is suggested as class size is limited.

Full Class Tuition Is $260.00.
To sign your child up for the optional multi course formal dinner party 
on Feb. 7th, please include an additional $60.00

Amount enclosed _______________ Check #_______

How did you hear about The Cotillion?
Invitation_____ A Friend______ Advertisement______ Website________ Other___________

Parents may volunteer to sign up for a chaperone date below, if their schedules permit.

Name of parent (s) ________________________________
Chaperone date ____________________________________
***Please mark your calendar as we will beexpecting you on your chosen date. * * *

If you are interested in assisting further, please check a box below:
Publicity □ Photography □
Writing press releases for local newspapers □

If you need any further information, please call us at


Or email us by clicking this link


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