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 2018/2019 Curriculum & Schedule
 Of The New Canaan Cotillion 
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 The 2018/2019
Schedule For
The New Canaan Cotillion


 Regular Classes will be held on  Wednesdays at
Saxe Middle School  --  468 South Avenue, New Canaan
4th Grade Meets from 4:30- 5:30 pm  --  5th/6th Grades Meet from 5:45 - 6:45 PM 
(If Tuesdays are a better option, please join us in Darien - call or email for more information)

Due To Renovations Taking Place At The Country Club of New Canaan
The December 12th Family Holiday Party And The March 6th Season Ending Family Party
Will Be Held At The DCA Meadowlands
274 Middlesex Road, Darien CT



                        Sept. 26 -   Opening Night - How To Make A Great First Impression.
                                                Eye Contact, Handshakes, Confidence Boosters
                                                Social Dance & Games.

                              Oct. 10 -    Preserving Social Skills,
                                                Face To Face vs. Facebook -- Talk vs. Tweet
                                                Real Friends vs. Virtual Friends
                                                Social Dance & Games.
                              Oct. 24 -   Table Manners Galore
                                               Whether You Are Eating At Mc Donald's 
                                               Or Dining With The Queen, You Will Be Prepared
                                               For ALL Dining Occasions.
                                               Table Manners Game And Table Manners Challenge
                              Nov. 7 -    Table Manners Review And Reports Of Our Students
                                               Progress With Their Table Manners Challenge.
                                               The Importance Of Thank You Notes And The Benefits
                                               Of Expressing Gratitude - Social Dance & Games
                              Nov. 28 -   Visiting Manners
                                                Be The "Guest With The Best" & The "Host With The Most"
                                                How To Be The One Who Gets Invited Back.
                                                Social Dance & Games

                              Dec. 12 -   Family Holiday Party!!  
                                                Social Dance Instruction & Fun For Everyone!!
                                                Parents, Grandparents, Brothers & Sisters Are
                                                Invited & Encouraged To Attend

                              Jan. 9 -   Netiquette! Put Your Best Cyber Footprint Forward!
                                             Safe & Appropriate Use Of Technology And
                                             Online Communication
                                             Social Dance & Games

                              Jan. 23 - Telephone & Cell Phone Manners
                                             Swing Dance Challenge - Casual Attire!  

                  *** TUESDAY, FEB. 12th - OPTIONAL MULTI-COURSE DINNER PARTY - from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm***

                              Feb. 27 - All Fun & Games Pizza Party - Casual Attire!                               
                          Mar. 6 - Season Ending Family Party
                                       Social Dancing & Fun For The Whole Family!
                                       Parents, Grandparents, Brothers & Sisters
                                       Are Invited and Encouraged To Attend!!


With The Exception Of The Designated Casual Nights - Jan. 23 & Feb. 27 -
Attire Is

                                                                                               For Boys - Jacket, Tie, Dress Shirt and Dress Shoes 
                                                                                          For Girls - Dress or Skirt and Blouse, and Dress Shoes
                                                                                                If You Have Any Questions, Or If You Want 
                                                                                       More Information About The New Canaan Cotillion  
                                                                    Please Call (203) 831 - 9382  or e-mail: