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        Please Call (203) 831 - 9382  or e-mail:   manners@cotillionclasses.com                      


2014/2015 Schedule 
4th Grade from 4:45 - 5:45 pm  --  5th & 6th Grades from 6:00 - 7:00 PM 

Classes will be held on the following TUESDAYS
at the Darien Community Association Meadowlands,

274 Middlesex Road, Darien

                                                                 Sept. 30 — OPENING NIGHT- First Impressions, Introductions, Overcoming Shyness. Social Dance & Games.

                                                                             Oct. 14 —   MILLION DOLLAR MANNERS - Beyond Please and Thank You!  Social Dance & Games.

                                                                                 Oct. 28 —  Dancing Through The Decades PIZZA PARTY 
                                               Dress in the style of your favorite Decade!
Casual attire!

                                                           Nov. 11 — THE POWER OF THE THANK YOU NOTE!!! - Thank you note contest starts tonight! 
                                                                                                    Social Dance & Games.

                                                         Nov. 18 — SOCIAL DANCE & GAMES.

                                                                              Dec. 9 — HOLIDAY PARTY!  Parents and Siblings are invited to attend!

                                                            Jan. 13 — TABLE MANNERS GALORE! - You can master your manners.
                                                                                       Be a champion at our table manners game!

                                                                            Jan. 27 — SWING SPECTACULAR and "NETIQUETTE" - Safety and respect on the internet along

                                                                                                          With Telephone & CELL PHONE MANNERS.   Casual Attire! 


                                               *** TUESDAY, FEB. 3rd - OPTIONAL MULTI-COURSE DINNER PARTY - from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm***

                                                            Feb. 10 ---  Social Dance & Games.                                               
                                                      Feb.  24 --- CELEBRATE THE SEASON PARTY  Parents And Siblings Are Invited To Attend                           

                                                                                 Mar.  10  --- THRILL FILLED COOL & CASUAL PARTY.....   Lots of Fun & Games!!!  Casual  attire!            


                                                                                    ATTIRE - WITH THE EXCEPTION OF the Designated Casual Nights on 10/28, 1/27 and 3/10: 
                                                                                                    For Boys - Jacket, Tie, Dress Shirt and Dress Shoes

                      For Girls - Dress or Skirt and Blouse, Dress Shoes and White Gloves

The Cotillion of Darien

manners@cotillionclasses.com www.cotillionclasses.com • (203) 831-9382



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